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The National Privacy Principles

Protecting Privacy Throughout the Practive Information Life Cycle


Information Comes From:


  • Individual (you)

  • Referring GP (and staff)

  • Responsible person

  • Other Health Services Providers including hospitals, clinics, other GP's, pathology, radiology

  • Internal records

  • Insurers and institutions

  • Government Instrumentalities including Dept of Veteran's Affairs

  • Physiotherapists

  • Midwives

  • Other Specialists


Collecting Information:


This is a specialist medical service.


NPP 1 - Collection

Information is collected to:

  • Take a medical history and record examination findings

  • Make a diagnosis and interpret results

  • Ensure appropriate testing

  • Link  medical reports to individuals and their health care providers

  • Seek confirmation or to fulfill testing requirements from third parties where appropriate

  • Have available for future reference in determining trends or significant changes and practice outcomes

  • Allow billing and payments

  •  Fulfill regulatory and public health requirements

  • Assure quality and improve processes


NPP 10 - Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is collected, stored, used and accessed with due regard for privacy in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.:

  • An individual can choose to suppress some information and to limit the transfer of reports to specified parties

  • In some circumstances, responsible persons can give consent for individuals


NPP 8 - Anonymity

An individual may have a test anonymously but this can be dangerous. An individual choosing to do this muct be aware of the potential consequences including that:

  • Diagnosis and advice may be seriously impaired with consequent adverse medical outcomes

  • There may be a mismatching of the individual's results

  • There muct be an acceptance that there is a consequent limitation to the liability of the medical practice

  • It may result in breakdown in good public health practice

  • It cannot be claimed under Medicare


Storage & Maintenance


NPP 3 - Data Quality

  • Every effort is made to keep an individual's information accurate, up to date and complete

  • You are entitled to see your records and change them to improve the accuracyy of the information


NPP 4 - Data Security

  • Medical information has restricted access and changes are tracked


Access (by the individual)


NPP 6 - Acccess and Correction

  • The preferred way to get your medical records is in consultation with your doctor, where the information can be explained in the context of your health management with Dr Morrow

  • Individuals do, however, have the right to access their medical records

  • A written request is required and, depending on how old the information is, there may be a charge

  • To protect your privacy, individuals may require positive identification


Use of Information & Disclosure


Use of information within the practice and disclosure to third parties


NPP 2 - Use and Disclosure and NPP 9 - Transborder Data Flows

  • Information is used within the practice for managing your care and advice reporting back to your GP

  • In the routine medical process, health information may be disclosed to another provider for the purposes of getting a second opinion

  • Information is used for billing


NPP 7 - Identifiers

  • Government identifiers are used wherever necessary for billing

  • Any identity information may be used by the practice to ensure that an individual and their results are linked in confidence.

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