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The medical definition of infertility is the inability to conceive within twelve months of trying. Within this time frame, 80-90% of couples who are having regular, mid cycle intercourse will have conceived. So roughly one in six couples fall into the group described as having fertility problems. As women age, this figure increases.


We generally recommend you try to conceive for a minimum of twelve months before seeking medical advice. However, if you have a history of painful or irregular periods, previous fertility issues, suspected male factors or you are older than 35, you may benefit from further investigation or treatment.


A woman's age is a very important factor in fertility treatments, regardless of whether couples are trying to conceive with assistance, or naturally.


Dr Morrow works in association with Fertility Solutions. Fertility Solutions are now able to offer patients a tiered structure of treatment options including Bulk Billed* IVF and FET. The new streamlined process of accessing fertility treatment under the one centre will now allow patients to access bulk billed* cycles, low-cost or standard IVF options through to fully customised services. 


Fertility Solutions continues to offer all patients the option of having their egg collection under the comfort of an aneasthetic at the hospital, or whilst awake at the clinic. The new intermediate low-cost option now allows patients to have their embryos transferred at a more advanced stage of development, improving their chance of a pregnancy by up to 25% (based on the clinic IVF data for 2015 for all ages).


Patients can either attend a consultation with a nurse through the Fertility Solutions clinic on 1300 FERTILITY / , or a consultation in Dr Morrow's rooms.


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